2024 - Year of the Dragon

The dragon is supposed to bring luck and prosperity. That’s what we want to see. On 10 February 2024, things will really get going, then the water hare will be a memory and the wooden dragon will welcome us.

7 January 2024 by Klaus Meier 

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The big news on txsl.de is English-language articles. We at BALZ are also addressing colleagues who do not speak German because a favourable wind has blown them to Berlin and they have not yet had time to learn the language.

In Berlin, taxi drivers have never been required to speak German. In the days of radiotelephony, "German" was mandatory, and almost everyone could speak it because otherwise you simply wouldn’t get any jobs.

This has changed and we are therefore counting more and more colleagues who are affected by the same problems as the Germans, but do not receive help in a language they understand. Information is now available for them in English and soon also in French.

As it was said so beautifully in the film : Willkommen, bienvenu, welcome, im Kabarett, au cabaret, to cabaret !

Perhaps we could watch Michael Cimino’s film In the Year of the Dragon together in time for the Spring Festival. Where and when exactly? We’ll keep up the suspense. No more will be revealed yet.

I wish everyone a successful Year of the Dragon !

新年快乐 !
( xīnnián kuàilè / happy new year)

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