Shot fired !

An encounter. Fortunately only taken from the press.

22 April 2022 by Klaus Meier 

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Berlin: Woman steals from boy, husband pulls knife, police pulls gun, reports today’s Berliner Zeitung.

A woman dressed as Mickey Mouse stole from young people on Pariser Platz. When the victims confronted the thief, her husband turned up with a knife.
The behaviour of a drunken couple almost led to a police shooting in Berlin-Mitte.

You can experience stories like this every day if you look around you. If you’re unlucky, Harley Quinn and poor man’s Joker will jump into your car and you’ll have to drive them home or to the pub or somewhere else where they’ll look for their next victim. Maybe you yourself are the chosen victim.

For such underdogs, it’s your meagre cash register that’s interesting. They never know what they’re going to do in the next ten minutes. There’s nothing you can do about it. Prepayment is the order of the day.

Berlin is big again. Berlin Alexanderplatz is back, and you hope every day that this world will pass you by. Poverty makes stupid people and brutal ones at that. You actually wanted to peacefully drive rich tourists and tired business people to the airport. They behave and give you tips.

Word of the day: shooting. That’s what I do now. When the girlfriend is visiting, when opening a beer, on the piss pot, actually always. shot firedt. Anyone can do it. Not just your friend and helper. Ingenious. Transatlantic. That’s how it should be.

Illustration / Logo des Artikels: „Brandenburg-Gate“ von Frank Prieto auf Flickr, taken 26.8.2013, Lizenz CC-BY

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