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When the Huguenots settled at Gendarmenmarkt, Berliners set fire to their houses. Today, their descendants are ministers, scientists and craftsmen. We should stop burning houses today.

1 March 2020 by Klaus Meier 

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The video is called "Looking beyond borders"

Why I’m showing this video here

We taxi drivers have a problem. It’s called Uber and it’s actually just one of our problems. But it exacerbates the other problems so much that we like to see Uber as our most important problem. Due to the illegal competition, our incomes fall far below the poverty line. There are many Arab refugees at the wheel of Uber hire cars, who obviously earn even less than we do. This is actually illegal. The Minimum Wage Act and statutory labour protection also apply to Uber drivers. They are also denied these rights.

We should get to know each other and try to solve our problems together.

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