Taxi rally at main station , Tuesday, 7.11.2023 11:00 am

Taxi social pilot supports the initiative to retain the Europaplatz taxi stop at the Berlin main railway station.

6 November 2023 by Klaus Meier 

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Kundgebung am Hauptbahnhof Berlin 7.11.2023
Berliner Taxifahrerinnen und Taxifahrer

Berlin taxi drivers are making a new attempt to make their interests and those of all people travelling from A to B in Berlin heard. They are supported by the Berlin Taxi Guild (Taxiinnung), the AG Taxi of the ver.di trade union and the Berlin Taxi Social Pilot.

They are initially concerned with maintaining the stop at the main railway station / Europaplatz, the removal of which means a deterioration in transport options and is likely to drive numerous passengers away to hire cars illegally picking them up at the roadside.

Above all, I support everything that serves to improve the working conditions of my colleagues. Furthermore, I see the approach to planning the station forecourt as typical of purely formal and factually ignorant planning that ignores the needs of Berliners.

Mr Komrowski from the AG Taxi at Verdi has published his statement from a trade union perspective here:

Statement from the AG Taxi in favour of retaining the stop at the main station

I look forward to seeing everyone who comes to Europaplatz at the north entrance to the main station tomorrow at 11am.

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