New taxi statistics

The Taxi working group (AG Taxi) of ver.di union publishes and comments on the Berlin taxi and hire car statistics

30 September 2021 by Klaus Meier 

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The AG Taxi of ver.di union has published the latest taxi and hire car statistics and points out some interesting observations.

At the end of August 2021, there were 6287 taxis and 4741 hire cars with drivers in Berlin. In addition, there is an unknown number of hire cars from the surrounding municipalities. We must therefore assume an approximately equal number of taxis and hire cars.


The number of active drivers can only be estimated, although it can be assumed that on average every vehicle in multi-vehicle operations is manned at least twice. We therefore currently assume that there are around 12,000 employees and 1860 self-driving entrepreneurs who are affected by continuing very low turnover, short-time working and the erosion of their savings.


We are talking here about 4556 hire cars, which are also likely to be double-staffed as a rule. This means that around 10,000 dependent employees of hire car companies are in a precarious situation.


As rental cars from the surrounding area are still active in Berlin, the number of people actually affected by exploitation and illegal labour is likely to be even higher.

Berechnung des Taxi-Soziallotsen: 11.860 Arbeitende im Taxi + 10.000 in Mietwagen = 21.860 Betroffene zuzüglich Familienangehörige

Alle Daten stehen auf den WWW-Seiten der AG Taxi zur Verfügung.

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