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TaxiFilmFest is online

21 January 2024

If the Berlinale is not interested in taxis, then taxis must be interested in films.

2024 - Year of the Dragon

7 January 2024

The dragon is supposed to bring luck and prosperity. That’s what we want to see. On 10 February 2024, things will really get going, then the water hare will be a memory and the wooden dragon will welcome us.

Taxi rally at main station , Tuesday, 7.11.2023 11:00 am

6 November 2023

Taxi social pilot supports the initiative to retain the Europaplatz taxi stop at the Berlin main railway station.

No one was rightly in a concentration camp

27 October 2023

On the late recognition of so-called "professional criminals" and "asocials" as a victim group of National Socialism

LABO and Uber, the new Intouchables ?

18 August 2023

Why is LABO entering into an agreement with Uber?

Tagesspiegel Newsletter 16.2.2023

18 February 2023

Boris Buchholz conducted an interview with the taxi social pilot.

When we once protested ...

16 February 2023

... there was a lot of coverage.

The Berlinale’s partnership with Uber harms Berlin

15 February 2023

A letter to the film festival managment

Freedom begins ...

15 February 2023

... where it does not interfere with money being made. Police ban protest at Berlinale opening.

No to Uber as main partner of the Berlinale

8 February 2023

The anti-social US company is boasting about being a colourful Berlinale sponsor. That is not acceptable.

Berlin is not safe.

6 February 2023

Jeremy Osborne: "I’ve never felt as unsafe in a city as I do in Berlin"

Merry Christmas

12 December 2022

Just before Christmas, we received good news: two colleagues were awarded substantial compensation by the Berlin labour courts.

How long may a taxi or hire car driver work?

25 October 2022

Self-employed small business owners are the modern-day outlaws lacking any protection. Unfortunately, employees in the sector are no better off. Does the taxi regulator want to change this?


4 July 2022

Under the title "Brutal Berlin: Why cyclists are much more aggressive than car drivers", the Berliner Zeiting criticised the city’s cyclists on 2 July. The taxi social pilot also wrote about his experiences with cyclists.

Shot fired !

22 April 2022

An encounter. Fortunately only taken from the press.

Deliveroo: a historical judgement

21 April 2022

French criminal court sentences Deliveroo board members to prison and payment of damages

Conrad closes all its shops.

14 April 2022

Another piece of Berlin’s taxi infrastructure is disappearing.

Why a taxi driver should turn down better-paid jobs

14 November 2021

The decision to quit as a taxi driver and move to another industry for better pay is not just about money. Changing jobs is like investing in your whole person.

New taxi statistics

30 September 2021

The Taxi working group (AG Taxi) of ver.di union publishes and comments on the Berlin taxi and hire car statistics

Taxi driver glossary

7 September 2021

12 years ago, our colleague Uli Hannemann bid farewell to life as a taxi driver with amusing texts about his experiences and a taxi glossary. Since then, it’s been business as usual with Taxi: downhill. Every time you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it got worse. It’s funny, but new taxi companies keep opening up.

Open Data Day 2021

25 August 2021

What are the two Senate administrations relevant to taxis and the taxi social pilot, Transport and Social Affairs, achieving with open data?

Exploitation and acquisition by false pretenses of wage subsidies for Uber

27 October 2020

In an Abendschau report from 26 October 2020, a hire car driver describes the Uber system. With hourly wages of less than 4 euros, employees are forced to work excessive hours and provide false information when applying for social benefits.

Making taxi drivers heard

6 October 2020

Due to protective measures against Covid-19, it is currently difficult to have conversations and counselling sessions in fixed rooms. Anonymous counselling and conversations are prohibited there, even though they are the most important service offered by the Taxi-Soziallotsen. In addition to my work on the street, I am therefore using more time to inform politicians and the public about the situation of taxi drivers.

Push to protect the Berlin taxi industry

1 July 2020

Statement on the motion by the Senate parliamentary groups in the House of Representatives

Letter to the editor:How are the taxi drivers doing?

19 May 2020

In this letter to the editor, the taxi social pilot describes the situation of taxi drivers.

The catastrophe

30 April 2020

The coronavirus period is a continuous equinox*.

Social hardship among Berlin taxi drivers

24 April 2020

Taxi and Uber in Berlin: Wild West arbitrariness hits employees

The Taxi Social Pilot / Berlin

14 April 2020

Presentation of Taxi Social Pilot Klaus Meier .

The new ones

1 March 2020

When the Huguenots settled at Gendarmenmarkt, Berliners set fire to their houses. Today, their descendants are ministers, scientists and craftsmen. We should stop burning houses today.

About this blog

1 March 2020

And Now for Something Completely Different